Chosen Ministry is for women of all ages and stages of life.

At Chosen, we put a premium on connection. We believe that building relationships with other women is essential to navigating our busy lives and becoming the women God created us to become! We leverage group bible studies, personal accountability, engaging retreats, exciting events, fulfilling service opportunities and much more! We are strategically designed to offer a variety of options of bible studies and service opportunities with the hopes of meeting women where they are.

We want to empower women to live out their faith in their homes and their communities.

We want to connect to each other and to our loving God, but we realize it doesn't stop there. We want to connect to our communities. We believe that their is no better way to connect to the community than by serving the community. We sponsor the teachers of Summer Grove Elementary. Throughout the year, we will pray, give gifts, and encourage the teachers and staff. We also support other ministries like Purchased: Not for Sale which gives aid to women and children who have been human trafficked or are coming out of the sex industry. From time to time, we have various service opportunities with or around the church as well.

You Are Invited To Connect!