core values

Christ Centered

Jesus is the foundation on which our church stands. He is our reason. He directs our decisions. He guides our path. We are purposed with carrying out His mission for His church. Life begins and is centered around His lordship and truth.

Family Focused

The Family is the greatest spiritual influence in the world. We want to create environments that focus on engaging families and developing deep, family-like connections with other family units. We are committed to partnering with families to nurture and empower life-change at home and in the community.

Relationship Fueled

We were created for relationships. We aren't made to go through life alone. We are wired to connect to four things: our creator, our family, other Christ followers, and our community. At Grawood, we want to create opportunities to cultivate relationships in all four of those areas.

Strategically Structured

Structure is a big deal to us. We want to be ready and prepared for growth in all areas of our church. We are constantly evaluating and implementing strategies and structure within our ministry staff, ministries, lay leadership, small groups, and worship environments so we can effectively and relevantly accomplish the mission and vision of the church. We believe we will only be as successful as our strategy and structure take us.

Service Oriented

Christ followers are called to serve. We strive to develop service opportunities in an array of areas. At Grawood, you can serve in many areas such as: Foreign and Domestic Missions, Preschool Ministry, Children's Ministry, Student Ministry, Adult Small Groups, Event Teams, Worship Team, First Impressions Team, and many more.

Discipleship Driven

We are never a finished product. We should constantly be growing and giving. Here at Grawood, we are compelled to craft environments that cultivate growth and accountability. We believe, through small groups and personal relationships, we develop discipleship in its truest form.

User Friendly

Why is church hard? It shouldn't be. We want to make everything we do easy to understand, easy to get to, and easy for people to connect. Life is difficult enough. Your church shouldn't be.

Duplication Minded

Leaders should be producing leaders. At Grawood, we want to produce leaders that produce leaders. Duplication is how we grow. We never want to be satisfied where we are. We want to duplicate in all areas of our church. As we duplicate, we can empower others, develop new ways to reach our community, and create new environments for worship, service, and discipleship.