A short history

Grawood Baptist Church History began when community leaders felt God was leading them to be a part of a church plant. There was a busy, growing section of Keithville, LA that needed the love and care of a church. Summer Grove Baptist Church decided to be the lead sponsor of the mission project. Sunset Acres Baptist Church and First Baptist Church of Keithville joined in the effort as co-sponsors. The collaboration of churches had the hopes of establishing a church that would be a beacon of God's hope, peace, purpose, and love in the community for years to come. On June 4, 1961, Colquitt Road Baptist Mission had its first service on the lawn and carport of Brother and Mrs. R. O. Bazer's home.

The community responded well to the mission's efforts, so several more services were performed at the Bazer home. They averaged 21 people in attendance at the services. Not long after, some acreage was purchased and an old fashioned Brush Arbor was erected to have services. Shortly after, a revival was planned and 22 people decided to become members of the mission. On September 17, 1961, Colquitt Road Baptist Mission was organized into a new testament baptist church and Bro. Bazer was called to be its first Pastor. A new name was chosen for the church; Grawood Baptist Church.

  • Bro. Bazer served from 1961-1962
  • Bro. Bill Shaw was called to be the Pastor in 1962 and resigned in 1963.
  • Bro. E.P. Smith was called as Interim Pastor in 1963 and resigned in 1964.
  • Bro. John R. Bryant was called as Interim Pastor in 1964 and resigned a few months later in 1964.
  • Bro. Johnny Tipton was called as Pastor in 1964.

Under Bro. Tipton's leadership the church out grew its facilities. By 1974, Grawood had grown from a Brush Arbor to a small sanctuary (which now is Haywood Hall and our Preschool Building). In the three years that followed, Grawood built a single story educational building (which now is the Student Building), a two story educational building (which now doubles as our Children's Building and Church Office), and a parsonage. In 1977, Grawood out grew its sanctuary and set out to build a bigger facility. On December 18, 1977, the first service was held in the new Bazer Memorial Auditorium (Even though it's seen many changes, we still hold our worship services in it today). In 1984, Grawood led the charge to start a mission in southwest Caddo Parish. Grawood Baptist Mission held its first services in 1985. Today, the mission has become a church, Westwood Baptist Church.

  • Bro. Tipton resigned as Pastor after 30 years as its leader in 1994.
  • Bro. H.B. Fuller served as Interim in 1994.
  • Bro. Bob McCartney was called as Pastor in 1995.

Grawood saw amazing growth under Bro. Bob. Two services were deemed necessary under his leadership to fit the growing attendance and in 2001 a plan for a multi-purpose gym/kitchen/adult educational building was hatched. In 2002, the Tipton Center held its first event.

  • Bro. Bob resigned in 2004 after an amazing 9 years as Pastor.
  • Bro. Billy Pierce became the Iterim Pastor in 2005 for 6 months.
  • Bro. Freddie Williford was called as Pastor in 2005 and resigned in 2006
  • Bro. Calvin Phelps was called shortly after Bro. Williford's resignation and served as Interim Pastor from 2006-2008
  • Bro. Tom Carlton was called as Pastor in 2008 and resigned in early 2015
  • Pastor Chris Willcutt was called 6 months later from his Associate Pastor role to the Lead Pastor role in 2015 and is currently our Pastor.

Grawood has seen many changes. We have seen many highs and many lows. Through it all, one word has become to define us: Together. Together we Live, Together we Love, Together we Grow. We are excited about what the future holds as we continue to create a Place to Call Home. Come be a part, because you are welcome!